We create moving content

We know moving content

We produce everything from short clips for social media to longer series on Youtube, we broadcast live, do reports, recruitment films, fly drones, animations, information videos, campaigns to raise your brand, documentary – you name it!

We believe in real stories

Let reality surpass the poem. The best fabric for creating engaging stories is taken from reality. Our way of working is based on what’s usually called an editorial method.

We make difficult understandable

Explaining things that are difficult is not a problem for us. Many of our customers come from niche business areas and need industry-specific communication. We make it both lively and fun.

Let's get together and talk movies!

An informal meeting where we talk about how you can use film in your organization, how we work today with our existing customers and how we can help you!

We use the Calendly service to create appointments. Find a time that suits you and a calendar appointment will be sent out.

Feel free to contact us – for example at info@diggin.se – if you have any questions about the booking system. Or if there is something else on your mind!

Our services


Reports, interviews, web series, campaigns, congresses – whatever you want to present with filmed material, we can do it.


We are experts in live broadcasts, something we are extra proud to be able to deliver in times when it’s increasingly difficult to meet up but all important to be seen.


Something complex or abstract can be easily explained with animation. Plus, it’s fun!

Inhouse Growth

Learn from us to create more professional in-house productions. We can educate you in camera technology, editing and everything necessary for your needs, so you can make your own film.

Editorial partner

Do you work with SOME-channels or newsletters? We work as your extended arm where we together or independently produce material on an ongoing basis.

Content strategy

We go through the purpose, goals and conditions to see how you can use film to achieve your business goals. We help with research, target group analyzes, content strategies and distribution plans.

Hammarby Football/IK Stockholm

Døds Challenge Stockholm

Yes we do!

Event films, streaming, live broadcasts, infographics, animation, webinars, interactive training and information films, corporate films, reports, interviews, documentaries, dramatizations. Do you really do all that? Yes we do!

Do you work with HR?

Do you need an onboarding film, a recruitment film or an employee branding film? Contact us to see how we can help you!

Complicated information?

No problem for us! We are used to creating content from industry-specific industries. We can familiarize ourselves with difficult-to-understand and perhaps a bit nerdy areas of knowledge, but above all understand the even more nerdy target group and its needs.

Craving to create a podcast?

Podcast studios can sometimes be both an effective and fun way to reach your target audience. We are happy to help you produce exactly the content that you yourself would like to listen to.

Interactive videos

We produce interactive educational- and information films and are happy to help with both content and design.

Do you need a photographer?

Maybe for an event, a congress or for a report? Contact us and we will help you!

Make your video fly

We love drone photography! Contact us if you need drone images, help to fly or have any other questions. Our photographers have a drone driver's license and are well aware of all the rules that apply to drones.