Content strategy

A really good movie is not worth anything if it comes a day late or is not chosen. So it's not only our job in content marketing to produce videos, but also to make sure we know why it should be produced.

We go through the purpose, goals, target group and guide how you can use film to achieve your business goals. There is a great variety in our productions in terms of purpose and platforms. We can help with research, target group analyzes, content strategies and distribution plans.

Whether it is a content strategy for your own channels or if it is external material that is to be produced, we will help you reach your goal. Do you want to create a campaign? How should viewers find the content? Does it need search optimization? Or capture interest on social media?

The viewer should always get something of value – new information, entertainment, aha-experience, laughter. Often a mix between new knowledge and entertainment is the best way to achieve it.

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Different channels, different conditions

The digital revolution has made it easier for consumers to enjoy moving content around the clock. We are constantly reached by messages from our social media, computers, play services and outdoor advertising. But which content and channel works best for your campaign? We at Diggin work actively to improve our own understanding and practice in creating the right content for the right platform. We are constantly learning how to create as powerful and touching content as possible with the distribution strategy in mind.

Target group analyzes
We help with both qualitative and quantitative target group surveys. The basis of good content is to really understand what the target group needs and is interested in.
Choosing the right format
Choosing the right video format is based on what is to be communicated. We think like a newsroom: the important thing is to create stories that engage, that people choose to watch.
Measure effect
How do we set measurable goals? Do you want to set up KPIs for your film?