About us

We create moving content

Do you need help writing screenplays, inventing thoughtful video concepts, or do you already have all that done but need help filming, editing and lighting? Then you have come to the right place!

We are a total supplier in film and sound that helps our customers with strategy, concept, content, production and distribution. For us, it’s important to create value for our customers – it should pay off to come to us. No job is too small, no gig is too big and no question is left unanswered. We create moving content.

Moving Content - what is it?

At Diggin Larry, we want to create content that matters. We work with all kinds ofmoving content – in the form of moving image, sound, animation and events – where we focus on real-life stories, we believe this is exemplary to create vivid and moving stories.

Diggin Larry was started by Teresa Ryberg and Mats Larson in 2011. The goal then, as now, is to help our customers reach their audience in the ever-changing digital jungle. At Diggin Larry, our goal is to continuously improve our service, our offerand our workplace, we want to help change society – for the better. We want to be the world’s best employer. We want to be the bestpartners in the world. We want to be involved and a part of the change.

We believe in development and innovation

We want to focus on creating content that reaches viewers and consumers and provide them with real information and promote empathy. By doing this, we contribute to both educating and informing about the development of society, which we believe provides the best conditions for creating a more just, equal and sustainable society over time.

We believe in the power of storytelling

We believe that the strongest way to change is to create common stories that promote a unified identity - whether it's in your organization, your target group or in society at large. By creating touching stories, we can unite consumers, internal organizations or our fellow human beings in one united force.

We believe in equality and diversity

At Diggin Larry, we believe in the power of diversity. By creating a workplace where everyone can have a say and where we promote everyone's differences, we believe that we can create a better product for our customers. In that way we believe everyone wins in the long run.