Inhouse Growth

We believe in the power of moving content and that companies need to use moving content more and varied!

Within the Inhouse Growth concept, we help companies’ communication teams to grow within a mobile. This is done through training, packaging and cooperation.

We develop guidelines and templates that can then be disseminated within the organization and to subcontractors with whom we collaborate. We tailor trainings and workshops for your team. It can be anything from training a larger team in how to create nice and good interviews with the help of your mobile to how to animate nameplates and export in the right format. We train in groups or individually.

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kvinna tar anteckningar

Bring in a consultant - or two

Has your need for variable increased but you do not have coverage for a full time or may have difficulty finding the right skills. We hire consultants with various expertise in mobility who can sit with you full-time or part-time. Maybe you need two different skills but not 100%. Bring in two consultants at half time!

Do you want to learn how to film with a mobile phone?
Order a workshop or course! Can be sneaked in as a fun activity during the kick-off days.
Hire a consultant
Do you want more but do not know how? Hire a film consultant to support you. A convenient way to get started!
Post production
Do you need help cutting a video from existing material. Send it to us and we will cut it together.
Graphic templates
Do you have a clear graphic identity for mobile? We help with graphic guidelines for mobile and can produce general templates or packages for your standard formats.