Editorial partner

Do you work with SOME-channels or newsletters? Do you need continuous help with video posts? We can work as your extended arm where we together or independently produce material on an ongoing basis.

We are happy to tailor something to suit you. You can choose to use us a little or a lot. For example, filming yourselves and letting us edit, send pictures with which we create text-driven videos, or rely on us to fix everything and continuously publish video content on your channels that we jointly arrive at. The arrangements can also vary over time and your needs.
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For example, we can help develop concepts and video content that are adapted for social media, create interview series, roundtable conversations, reports, podcasts, animated explainers and news clips. Choosing the right video format is based on what is to be communicated. We think like a newsroom: the important thing is to create stories that engage, that people choose to watch.
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This is how we think:

1. Think about the target group, produce content that the target group wants!

An easy way to gain an understanding without having to do market research is to try to understand the target group and to think: what would I find interesting or fun if I were an audience? What information would I like to see?

2. Dare to angle!

Do not tell everything at once, but choose an “angle”. It’s a lot about prioritizing. You can not tell everything at once. Then it becomes uninteresting and incoherent and can in the worst case be experienced as an account. Think the opposite. Dare to pick out the most amazing and just focus on it. This is what journalists call angle.

3. Tell the most important thing first!

We humans are impatient and if we do not get a “reward” for our work, we easily give up. Do not take that risk but dare to tell the most important thing at once, but what is important for your target group – it is the one that should be rewarded. What information is new and that your target audience did not know? That information should be entered as quickly as a thousand, sometimes not in its entirety, but enough for the target group to be interested. This is what journalists call a “hook” or “hook”.

4. Have people at the center

Using people is a way to make the story more vivid. Just think of all the series, movies and books that exist, they are almost exclusively about people. If we want to create something that engages, we do it best with people. In journalism, it is sometimes called to find a “case”.

5. Make the difficult easy

Not infrequently, as a company, you want to convey something complicated. It is easy to “dump information” and let the recipient do the hard work of understanding. Therefore, it is important to think about doing the hard work, ie creating content that is easily accessible so that the recipient does not have to do the job themselves. And that is perhaps the journalists’ most important task: to convey complicated and important societal information so that citizens can understand their lives and the society in which they live.

As an editorial partner, you can feel confident that you get the video support you need based on your needs.

Capture interest quickly
On average, you have 1.7 seconds to capture the viewer's interest in the flow. Text, start and thumbnail need to be optimized. Feel free to entice with something that the viewer will have learned or received an answer to.
1:1, 4:5, 9:16, 16:9
What format, how big and how long can the video be? We are up to date on what is happening for Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube and can give you the latest recommendations.
Produce to watch without sound
The majority of viewers on Facebook watch silently and thus the material needs to be adapted to it through subtitles and subtitles.
Find the angle!
Better to divide material into different posts than to try to say everything in a movie. Movies for social media are often the shortest and most nuanced.
Spice up your newsletter with GIFs
We can produce gifs for your newsletters or social media.
Graphic templates
Do you have a clear graphic identity? How do you recognize your material on social media without using logo in starters? We help with graphic guidelines and can also produce templates.
Publish on time
Timing your posts and publishing the content at the exact time your target audience is online.