Season card 2021

Hammarby Football


2020 did not turn out as anyone had thought – pandemic, shutdown… yes there were few highlights. In 2021, Hammarby football faced a challenge – season ticket sales are a significant income for all football teams.

But – how are we going to sell our season tickets for a season where we do not know if the audience will be able to participate? How to market a product that may not exist?

svenskt matcafé
fotbollsfan dricker


To draw attention to the need for fans’ support, we produced a humorous SoMe series with short sketches with chill “bajen” fans.

We created three sketches that showed the absurdity of the situation. The target audience was clear – we would address Bajare and speak directly to their hearts – and it was through humor that we would reach them. The films would be humorous in tone but still contain a clear trace of seriousness.


The films were published in three stages – before the season ticket renewal, before the season ticket queue sale and before the general release.

At the time of writing, the films have over 150,000 views and over 300 interactions. In modern times, Hammarby football has been the best in Sweden at selling season tickets – but before 2021, more than ever (14,700) have chosen to renew their season cards and once again Hammarby football expects to sell out of season tickets (16,000).

Nothing but impressive for a year when no one knows if they will be allowed to go to matches or not.

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