Do it yourself



Sustainability and circular economy, two key words that define Blocket and their target group. Blocket is Sweden’s largest trading place and as a market leader, they also wanted to create content that promotes both sustainability and circular economy, but also serve as valuable to their target group.

matbord vid
snickare som bygger en


We created the SoMe series “Do it yourself”. A series for social media where the viewer in an educational and entertaining way can take part in how you can renovate old gadgets and build new ones. In the series, you get to take part in how to build a table, sew pillowcases, but also how to renovate things you already have. A broken lamp? No problem, in the film you see how-to!

The films were also produced for Youtube and SEO was optimized so that “regular” do-it-yourself questions would lead to Blocket’s films. We also wrote articles that broke down the films in simple steps so the viewer could get a detailed description even in text!

At the end of each article, the reader is linked to unique buying and selling pages – for example “Find your new kitchen chair here!” or links to tips on how to make a good ad.


The films went on as sponsored content on social media in 2020 and led traffic to the website and it went above expectations. The goal of the films was to launch Blocket’s Youtube with new and valuable content and also lead to measurable conversion. The conversion was also above expectations and now Blocket plans to continue with these films!

matbord vid