Now everyone can learn from us!

We have long offered our customers training in what we do. Ie to create moving content. Many people think it seems strange. Like we saw the branch we are sitting on. That’s not how we think. We believe it is necessary to teach what we know about today’s media landscape. Our customers need a lot of mobility to remain relevant to their target groups. What our customers need in the form of content is not necessary for us to produce. Some films can be made by the customer himself, but often it involves a collaboration where we e.g. cuts what the customer has filmed. Or that we create graphics for films that the customer has cut, etc. Making moving content today is easy. Super easy! But it is not as easy to make a relevant film that maintains a good level. There are many aspects you have to keep in mind – sound, light, platform, graphic guidelines, script etc. This is where we come in. For some time now, we have decided to release our knowledge to the public. At present, it offers two educational solutions:
Personal som ställer in belysning och kameravinklar
Solution 1
Courses in filmmaking that anyone can apply for. Here you meet us in our office or in a suitable room and together with other like-minded people, an intensive and fun education is included. You will leave the training strengthened and with enough meat on your bones to be able to go out and create yourself. The advantage of this solution is that you get to meet other like-minded people from other companies and organizations and exchange thoughts and experiences with them.
Personal som ställer in belysning och kameravinklar
Solution 2
Our second solution is for your company / organization to order a specially adapted training that we carry out at any location (with you or with us). The advantage of this solution is that we can develop an education that is exactly what you want and at exactly the level that is suitable for your employees.
Personal som ställer in belysning och kameravinklar
The future
We will soon develop an online platform where you can educate yourself where you want when you want.