You have an idea, awesome! You want to create content with a message that reaches a specific audience. But what should it look like? Where should it be sent? How should we tell our story in the best possible way? It is important to devise a good strategy before a campaign to ensure that the purpose is carried out in the best possible way.

We know strategy

Now we should not think about Sun Tzu when we talk about strategy, but we should think about story, purpose and distribution. Your campaign should always be understood as a means to an end, and the end should always be in sight. We know strategy, and it is important to understand that without a good strategy, a campaign can fail before it even takes off.

Why do we do this?

The purpose is central to each campaign’s strategy – Why do we do this? Maybe you want to increase awareness of a phenomenon internal to your employees? Maybe you want to increase the use and understanding of a new intranet throughout the group? You may want to raise awareness of your brand around young women between 18-24 in small towns? It is central to sort out the purpose before creating the content that will achieve this.
Direktör som förbereder klappbrädan för ett snitt
The story is everything!
Once you have straightened out the purpose, it's time to create the story. You may have a suggestion for an idea that you want to implement (awesome!), Or you need help finding this - No matter what, you can come to us with your questions and suggestions. We can analyze your needs and purpose and based on this create a strategy that will be effective. We can then shape your suggestions or create a story from the ground up that reaches your target group in a strong way. The story is everything! It is through the joint narrative that identity is created - and whether it is an internal educational film or an external advertising campaign, the story must align with your brand, purpose and goals and reach the viewer on an emotional level that helps to strengthen your brand in the long run.
Direktör som förbereder klappbrädan för ett snitt
We help you reach out in the right way.
When the production ends, it is time for it to fly on to its destination, when the sender reaches the recipient. By understanding the purpose and creating a story that fulfills this purpose, it must be spread correctly - otherwise we create content in a vacuum. With the right strategic thinking, this is greatly facilitated. Distribution is seldom easy and requires an awareness even before the start of production - with the right strategy, an adequate budget has already been established for its distribution content has already been created with the correct message for the medium in which it is to be broadcast and the target group has always been taken into account. We help you reach out in the right way.