The idea is fantastic, the production is complete. But what happens to the content when it is to reach its audience? The digital landscape is constantly changing and thus also different opportunities to specify your distribution strategy. Where exactly is your target group? And what kind of content do they consume? We at Diggin Larry are experts at seeing how we can create the greatest value in your spread.

Different channels, different conditions

The digital revolution has made it easier for consumers to enjoy moving content around the clock. We are constantly reached by messages from our social media, computers, play services and outdoor advertising. But which message and medium works best for your campaign? We at Diggin Larry are actively working to improve our own understanding and practice in creating the right content for the right platform. We are constantly learning how to create as powerful and touching content as possible with the distribution strategy in mind. Before the start of production, we shape the content accordingly, but we can also step in after a finished production and help you reshape the content correctly and help you spread it in the most efficient way possible. Different channels have different conditions and we can help you reach out in the best way.

We work with several partners

The digital jungle is difficult to navigate. There is an industry language that not everyone understands, there are a whole range of specifications that must be checked before delivery.

Rest assured, we will help you get it right!

We at Diggin Larry work continuously with our own distribution service and can do most things ourselves – but where we can not, we take the help of several partners and subcontractors who make sure that the job is done. Do you want a large digital campaign delivered to moving subway signs? No problem. Should your amazing movie roll on a news channel’s website? We will fix it. Or should your commercial go before a movie? Rest assured, we will help you get it right!