Below you see examples on how interactive players with the service Verse can look. The Verse player is not fully flexibel but it is quick to work with and have a built in professional look:

Example #1:
This example show an upgrade of the traditional congress report done previously. Here the viewer can choose what question he/she wants answered:

Example #2:
This example show how you can put several persons in one video. The audience can choose who he/she want to listen to and what questions he/she wants answered. In the example you see 4 persons to choose from. We suggest maximum 9 persons in this layout. It’s also possible to group people within different categories:

Example #3:
This example is not jet fully presented as we intend it to be used. The graphics is sketchy and we do not have corresponding answers to the questions. As we see it this layout can be good if we have the same questions asked to several KOLs. The viewer can then choose what questions he/she wants answered and then choose who he/she want to listen to.